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Sparkling wine Brut Rosé

Vino Spumante Brut Rosato

Sparkling wine obtained by vinification of red grapes harvested by hand in small crates and vinified in white with a whole bunch soft pressing; subsequently sparkled with long Charmat (Martinotti) method
local red berry grapes
System of breeding:
Guyot, upside down
Type of soil:
Vineyards exposure:
Vineyard yield:
1,5 kg each plant
Harvest procedures:
by hand in crates, with grapes selection in the vineyard.
White winemaking of black berry grapes. Cluster selection in the vineyard and in the cellar followed by the pressing. Must picking and static cold decanting. Alcoholic fermentation with checked temperature in stainless. Refining in stainless for two months before the refermentation. Spume taking in autoclave with Martinotti’s method.
Alcoholic content:
12% vol.
happy hours, light first dishes, mollusks and shellfish
Serving temperature:
18 ° C
Tasting: Colour:
deep pink with light violaceous reflections Bubble: thin and persistent Nose: intense aromas of strawberry and soft fruits Mouth: soft approach, well balanced between sweetness and acidity, bubbles with a pleasant flavour that long persists.