Everything was born from

the real name of the place where the manor house, which is the custodian and home of our roots and traditions, still stands today. A place that captures the essence of the territory of the Castelli di Jesi, which, thanks to soil particularly rich in clay and the influence of the sea breeze, gives the grapes a unique character and elegance. It is also born of the dream of a family, which, for three generations, has transformed the grapes into products of excellence that honour and tell the story of this unique land.

At the beginning of the nineties we decided to expand our passion by dedicating ourselves to wine production, rediscovering and enhancing an ancient and valuable local wine of the Marche region.

In the land of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, helped by the effort and skills of the enologist Dr. Giancarlo Soverchia, we created a wine cellar and a branded wine that generates emotions beyond a glass of wine.


Simplicity, tradition, quality

Our Philosophy

Rediscovery and enhancement are the cornerstones that drive the production philosophy of Casaleta Wines. Realising ownership of a unique vineyard which had kept alive the heritage of Castelli di Jesi Classico territory, inspired a desire to recover these seventy-year-old specimens and reproduce them. Since then, the “vecchie signore” (grandmas) and the small shoots from their offspring have been nurtured daily with care and respect to give you the chance to savor the traditional and authentic Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. Simplicity, tradition and innovation live harmoniously to continuosly ensure wines of excellence.


70 years of history

Set in a valley in the hills of Castiglioni di Arcevia, 35 km from the Adriatic Sea, the vineyard reaches an altitude of about 350 m.

The hillside on which it is situated is characterised by soil composed of clay and sand, and has a North / North-East exposure.

The forests overhanging it, and its location on the border between the Castelli di Jesi Classico and the surrounding mountains allow it to enjoy an ideal temperature range and natural ventilation that shape its micro-climatic conditions.

Features that promote the cultivation of Verdicchio and the enhancement of its sensory notes. The vineyard farmed by Casaleta Vini extends over six hectares reserved for Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, and includes some vines with red fruit, ranging from Montepulciano to Sangiovese, from Lacrima di Morro d’Alba to Merlot and Cabernet.

The crop of native grapes of the old and rare biotype naturally offers a low yield per hectare with guyot upside-down pruning.

From pruning to grape harvest, all processing is carried out strictly by hand and employs.

Grapes are harvested in several steps according to degree of maturation and carefully placed in small boxes to preserve the integrity of the bunch.


Where our wines rest

Our Cellar

Located in Serra de ‘Conti, a few kilometers from our vineyards, the underground cellar enjoys a stable temperature throughout the year.

Harvested grapes are placed in a refrigerated room to gradually bring them to the right working temperature. A step necessary to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes.

The subsequent pressing is done gently by vacuum press to whole clusters.
The musts fall in the steel tanks by natural fall at a temperature of 0 ° C to obtain thermal decantation. Thus doing, all the undesirable parts go to the bottom, allowing separation and starting the fermentation of only the clean musts.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in small stainless steel tanks, so as to separate the various harvests obtained, according to the characteristics of terroir, altitude and maturation.

The fermentation and aging of the reserve wines, however, takes place directly in French oak barriques, where they rest for eleven months, leavening the musts of enriched fine lees through repetitive bâtonage, following alcoholic fermentation. All that remains is to wait for the various refinements, and then have the pleasure of tasting.

Wine Tours and Tasting

We wait you in the cellar

 Casaleta  invites  you to discover and immerse yourself in the scenic landscapes of our vineyards through guided tours (single or group) to get to know the property thoroughly and to reveal small and great secrets of growing grapes and creating our wines.


You will know our products closely and we will bring you to the discovery of our vineyards and our territory.

You will be also able to relax in our tasting room and taste wines to discover the flavors and aromas of the Marche’s.

Our Services

  • Guided tours to the vineyards and the cellar (by reservation)
  • Wine tasting (by reservation)
  • Direct selling in wine cellar of wines  and typical products of the territory

Point of sale opening hours

From Monday to Saturday from  9:00 to 13:00  / from 15:00 to 19:30