Built under ground , it uses the stable temperature and the natural insulation to maintain a constant temperature during the year.
The process of the vinification is technologically advanced  to enhance the characteristics of the typical varieties of grape of  our territory.

Realizing a selected collection, the grapes are harvested by hand in crates of 10 Kg; they are immediately taken to the basement and exposed to a slow cooling at 10 ° C for 16/18 hours. The conveyor belt helps to conduct the whole bunches in a pneumatic press, previously saturated to avoid oxidation of the grapes in all stages of the pressing. The juice obtained (about 60% of grape weight), is descended with natural fall into the cellar in the tanks in order to avoid a stress by the pumps.


At a later stage, this must is left to settle at 0 ° C temperature for about 24 /36 hours, obtaining an important thermal settling where all the no noble parties are deposited, giving us the opportunity to withdraw only clean grape must and start its alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel thermo controlled. We use small tanks to keep separate the different types of product obtained according to the characteristics (altitude, exposure, kind of soil, clone, type of cultivation, time of harvesting of the grapes, ect.)  to have traceability of each tank corresponding to a specific area of the vineyard where the perfumes and flavors differ. This happens for the most of the wines produced.
As ancient techniques teach us, the reserve’s fermentation happens directly into French oak barrels where it will remain for 12 months, cradling the musts enriched with fine dregs through repetitive Bâtonnages after the alcoholic fermentation.