The vineyard dates back more than seventy years and is characterized by an old indigenous biotype of Verdicchio cluster small and winged with the curved tip.
The vineyard is located 350 meters over the sea level, it lies on the hills of a spotless valley far 35 km from the sea, in the countryside of Castiglioni of Arcevia.
We preserve patiently and we grow it with the recovery of grafts for the clone’s reproduction in order to maintain the original organoleptic features.
The soil tends to be standy-clay type with a North/North -East exposure; these characteristics make it particularly advantageous for the exaltation of organoleptic notes.
This vineyard is made unique by a significant temperature change resulting from the wood that overlooking the vineyards is able to determine an extraordinary micro-climate.

Currently, the surface area under vine is twelve acres, eleven of which are reserved to Verdicchio, standing out firmly for quality .
Our production is completed by planted tobacco red: Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, Merlot and Caberne.
The vineyard is managed with a lower yield per hectare.
The harvest is done in small boxes of 10 kg in order to preserve the integrity, only at the moment of the exact aromatic maturation, through careful selections.
The grapevines ”le ansiane signore”, are perfectly integrated with the territory and express themselves with elegance; we have nothing else to do to interpret them except using  the most modern technologies to help them in their spontaneous evolution.